Enzytech Co., Ltd. manufactures chiral building blocks based on the biotransformation.  Using chiral building blocks the company manufactures and sells chiral drug intermediates and other related drugs.  멌hiral building block is a drug intermediate used in synthesizing various drugs in a range of ways.  Enzytech Co., Ltd has independently developed an innovative processing technique that can manufacture chiral building blocks by using enzymes, which are biocatalysts.
Active pharmaceutical ingredients / key intermediates


Chiral means hands in Greek, which are symmetrical like right and left hands.  Chiral is also referred to as enantiomer.  Although these isomers have the same chemical structural formula and physicochemical features, if the polarized light is irradiated through the enantiomer, one of them turns the light to the right and the other turns the light to the opposite direction, the left.
Because of its optically opposite feature, it is called as enantiomer or chiral building block.

Figure 1: Enantiomer

Substances in nature mostly consist of one form of the enantiomer.  When a natural substance is artificially synthesized, the racemate is produced, which has both a left-hand type and right-hand type on a fifty-fifty basis.  In this case, the problem is that when this artificial synthetic substance activates in vivo, another type is ineffective or shows a completely different effect, while one type shows a desired function.

Therefore, in the case of the drug with enantiomer, the FDA in 1992, requires all the data to be submitted on the toxicity of each single isomer so as to actively encourage development of a new drug as a single isomer with optical activity, which is a very effective medicine and has low side-effects.    

In accordance with the determination of the policy by the FDA in the U.S.A., the number of chiral drugs sold as a single isomer has rapidly increased as of late.  In a case in 1993, more than 50% of 1,850 kinds of natural and synthesized drugs sold on the market were chiral drugs, of which more than 50% were sold as a single isomer.  Moreover, 17 out of the top 25 (70%) drugs sold in 1994 were those with optical activity, which occupy about 70% of the total items.

For this reason, pharmaceutical companies throughout the world are focusing on the research to isolate and purify isomers that have an effect on medicine, and replacing existing racemic drugs with chiral drugs.  Therefore, the marketability and importance of chiral drugs are being gradually increased.

However, highly advanced technology must be required to isolate these isomers or to synthesize only one isomer because all the enantiomers have the same chemical structural formula and physicochemical properties such as melting and boiling points and solubility.

Enzytech Co., Ltd. is developing new technology to isolate or synthesize the chiral building block (chiral synthon), which will be the raw material of the chiral drug.  Based on the technologies successfully developed to date, we started our business and we are making our best effort to become one of the worlds leading suppliers for chiral building blocks and pharmaceutical raw materials for chiral.


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