Enzytech Co., Ltd. securing its own technology for manufacturing C3 and C4 chiral synthons (chiral building blocks) and derivatives, is always doing its best to provide its customers with various high quality chiral building blocks at a competitive price.  
In addition, we are making every effort to develop new products and technology through continuous investment in R&D.

- C3 synthons
- C4 synthons
- chiral intermediate

In most cases, the differences in properties among isomers may be caused by different interactions against the working point of the drug and different reactivity on the metabolic enzyme.  Due to these problems, advanced countries such as the U.S.A. and European countries induce development into a single isomer drug by requesting to submit data on the safety and effectiveness of each isomer. Since new drugs launched recently have been in the market mainly as a single isomer, development of chiral drugs using chiral building blocks are extremely important.

To change into a specialized company, we, Enzytech Co., Ltd., are focusing our R & D capability on development of pharmaceutical raw materials based on our own manufacturing technology for the chiral building block.  We are doing our best to hold a dominant position in competition against multinational pharmaceutical companies by concentrating our efforts on development of generic drugs based on the key raw materials.

- (S)-oxiracetam
- (R)-GABOB(gamma-amino butyric acid)

In accordance with improved quality of life and the aging society in the modern era, the interest in health is being rapidly increased.  Based on its accumulated technologies and experience in biotransformation, organic synthesis and processing technology fields, Enzytech Co., Ltd. is developing drugs, high functional food additives and other products (raw materials and finished products), which are useful to maintain and improve health.

- L-carnitine


Are you looking for a reliable business partner who cooperatively develops new ideas for the manufacturing of products?
Are you looking for a supplier who provides high-quality products better than customer뭩 specifications at a competitive price?
Enzytech Co., Ltd. is the trustworthy manufacturer specialized in manufacturing pharmaceutical raw materials and drug intermediates with its unique know-how.

Many technologies successfully developed by Enzytech Co., Ltd. are being protected by applying patents domestically and internationally.
Would you like to start your business with our technology?  Enzytech뭩 door is always open for you. 

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